Investment & Information

Wedding photography packages start at USD 1950 (2018).

Safari Elopements start at USD 1500 (2018).

Please inquire here for full packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time should we set aside for our photo session?  This very much depends on you, however I do offer some guidelines. I’m big on not stealing you away for hours because I’m sure you want to enjoy your day with friends & family. I try and strike a balance between enough time for quality images (and a decent breather away from everyone for you), and getting back to your wedding so you actually get to enjoy it too!

On bride & groom shoot: I believe that this time should be more about you two connecting and catching up on the day, than having to be herded around from pillar to post doing poses. I ask for a minimum of 35 minutes so that you have time to unwind and escape, and we can still comfortably do a little walk and take some photos. I do provide creative direction for these photos because beautiful portraits require a little creative direction, but it is subtle, low-key, relaxed – and even fun!

On bridal party: Depending on your preferences, usually I make this is a quick 10 – 15 minutes so that they can get back to the party, and we can continue with your photos. If you want more time together that is absolutely fine and we can extend this period. I have a few ideas on how best to do this so feel free to chat to me about the best ways to enjoy this time with your bridal party. Your family photos will depend on how many groups you would like photographed, and how organized we are with getting everyone together!

Q: Will you help us with the structuring of the day?  Absolutely! This is one of my favorite ways to help a couple out because I feel it can really affect the way they appreciate their day – there are so many things to thing about when planning a wedding and often, the most important aspect of how much time you set aside for enjoying the actual day can be lost. It is obviously also very important when it comes to figuring out when the best light for your photos will be. Upon booking, I send you a detailed the “Photos by Mana” informative magazine that will help you plan your timeline. The advice has been “distilled” from closely watching over a hundred weddings unfold and it is practical, concise, and aimed at cutting through the wedding hype and helping a couple out. I also send you a Timeline Sheet, which helps us plan the timeline of your day – this can be before or after you go firm on a time for your invite. Most couples prefer to get this sorted beforehand. After you have had a chance to go through this, we can schedule a meeting if it is possible, or have a Skype or FaceTime chat.

Q: We doubt we will be able to meet you before the wedding, how will we make sure we’re on the same page?  Aside from the Info Magazine, I will be sending you a Timeline Sheet which is very precise and is designed to help me get to know you as a couple, and also figure out the best times to do your photos.

Q: How does travel & accommodation work?  Travel and accommodation expenses are excluded from my wedding package fees.  If your wedding is international (or interprovincial) and I will need a flight please talk to me about the most affordable options of getting me to you. I love traveling and I will work with you to make it happen in the most affordable way possible.

Q: We’d like to book, what’s next?  Super! Please drop me a line through my contact page here to see if I am free, and to tell me a little bit about yourselves. If we’re good to go I will send you my detailed packages and also a contract and we take it from there. A non-refundable booking fee is needed to secure the date. The remaining balance, as well as the necessary transport and accommodation fees needs to be paid 3 weeks before the wedding date.

Q: Will you need a seat and a meal at the wedding reception? Yes please! By the time the reception comes around I would have been non-stop on my feet for a minimum of six hours. A place to put my things and a small meal to fuel me up for the rest of the evening will really go a long way! I don’t need to be at a table with other guests, a spot out of the way where I can keep an eye on all the action is great.