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Wedding Coverage : My style & ethos


My wedding photography style centers on my background as a lifestyle and travel magazine photojournalist – so I love to tell stories with my images, and I love to curate them! At university I specialised in photojournalism and have since worked as a photographer for major newspapers and magazines in East and Southern Africa (for some of these adventures please visit my editorial website here).  As well as shooting weddings, I still work as an editorial photographer on personal projects and commissions.

I have photographed weddings for over seven years. In the last few years I believe I have really found my niche catering to couples who enjoy my style of natural style of documenting wedding days  in an emotive and honest way, with an emphasis on story-telling and natural surroundings.

Alex and Murray's Karoo farm wedding in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

My style, coverage & ethos

I do things as naturally as possible and “natural” saturates most aspects of the creative process for me. I’m always on the look out for those precious candid spontaneous moments, because that’s where we always find the magic and emotion – and that’s where I personally find most joy in wedding photography. The photos that tell the stories will be the ones that make you catch your breath. Secondly, I love shooting in natural light wherever possible – I love the effects and mood of this light, and I love how much more mobile and less obtrusive it makes me as a photographer. Thirdly my editing style is natural and fresh – I want it to be consistent with my shooting style – and I want your images to be timeless and true to the spirit of the moment. Filters & effects fade with fashion, if your photos are timeless, your grandchildren will be enjoying them just as much as you will. And lastly, I’m a complete tree-hugger, so if nature is a star guest at your wedding, I want to make it shine!

Alex and Murray's Karoo farm wedding in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

“Emotive story-telling with a nod to nature”