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About me: I currently live in a tiny town in North-West Zambia with my lovely husband Matt and our beautiful ginger cat / rat slayer extraordinaire Django. I have an inelegant fear of lightning, electric fences, and rain spiders (or, as they are more descriptively known – Kalahari Ferraris!). Paul Simon and arrow-marked babblers make me happy. I hoard fabrics and fonts (although I can’t sew and I’m not a graphic designer). I’m a sentimental perfectionist who loves travel, frogs, reading – and photographing elephants.  I travel often for my work (especially to my home Zimbabwe), and I love weddings in National Parks! I go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable having your photos taken (because this is where the real good stuff comes from).

 Most importantly, if you are thinking about entrusting me with your special day, I’m sure you will want to know more about my work style and ethos.  Please click here

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